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Growing high-quality, nutrient-dense produce, flowers, and herbs since 2018

The mountain valley we call home is nestled within southern Appalachia, which is home to many native medicinal plants. From season to season, we are gifted the opportunity to observe and listen to how our immediate ecosystem communicates with us. In the early spring, we see the unfurling of Bloodroot/Sanguinaria canadensis open on the hillside that leads to the backfield. A thicket of richly green Stinging Nettle/Urtica dioica flourishes beneath the shade of the bamboo grove next to our home, reminding us of the importance of nourishment. Comfrey and Broadleaf Plantain/Plantago major find themselves deeply rooted all over this farm, promoting healing and a soothing touch. While we are still learning of the native plants around us, it is our intention to only take what Nature allows; for we believe that all plants are sentient beings and that often in our capitalist based society, certain medicinal plants can be over-harvested, contributing to the great extinction we are experiencing today. 


While not a certified herbalist, Kathryn has attended many courses taught by clinical and community herbalist, and continues to research and extend her knowledge of herbal allies that promote holistic wellness. It is a working dream to create an on-farm apothecary that will provide our community with multiple herbal preparations; tea blends, tinctures, salves & balms, and bulk dried &/or fresh herbs. Kathryn's immediate interest in growing and cultivating a relationship with certain herbs lies within mental health. We live in a world where there are constant distractions, stimulations, trauma, news reporting, etc. It is often hard to quiet our minds, to sit with ourselves & our thoughts, and to process our pain & trauma experienced in this lifetime. Not to mention, our culture has become disconnected from the Earth. Working with herbal allies is a way in which we can align ourselves with the magic that exists all around us. It is amazing what a simple walk in the woods can do for the mind, body, and soul! Plants have so much to teach us and yearn to aide us in our healing. As we begin to come into relationship with these plant beings, we in turn awaken to importance of healing the Earth. 


Please stay connected with us to hear about what our herbal offerings will be in the season(s) to come! Our goal is to increase our ginger, turmeric, and culinary herbs during the 2020 season. 

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