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Growing high-quality, nutrient-dense produce, flowers, and herbs since 2018

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We are Micah and Kathryn Williams, owners and operators of Many Moons Farm. We met in 2012 in Atlanta, shortly after finishing degrees from Georgia State. We married in 2014, which is around the time that we started taking a serious interest in the quality of our food and our lives. Volunteering on small urban farms led to apprenticeships and farm hand positions on small-scale farms in the Atlanta and Columbus area. At every stop we learned the ins and outs of how to grow high quality produce using natural and chemical-free means.


We eventually decided to start an operation of our own. By luck, or fate, but certainly not chance, we ended up in a beautiful valley in the mountains of Blairsville, Georgia. The farm itself has a rich history of chemical-free practices dating back to 1977 when Hugh Lovel (Author of A Biodynamic Farm, Quantum Agriculture: Biodynamics and Beyond) started a diverse vegetable and livestock operation. This took on several iterations after Lovel’s departure and was eventually Sundog Farm when we purchased the land in 2018. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to provide quality produce to Union County and the surrounding area.

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